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So today was a normal day. Got up got dressed, went to school, had bunch of classes, came back home and now I’m here.

It was in Litterature that I had the idea to take over this tumblr, because I made it a while ago and I didn’t post anything on it. I was like “Hey, I got some things in my head that I don’t want to forget, let’s right them down!” Now that I’m doing that I realize this is the définition of journal. Well then. how lovely.

Welcome to my journal apparently.

So when I got home I thaught about writting all of this, but then I thaught “Who am I kinding, I am never going to do that, Like the rest, I’m never going to do anything.” But then I got bored after a couple of internet hours.

BTW I don’t really want to  say my name, I’d like to stay anonymous so I’ll just call myself “J”.

However I can talk a bit about myself

  1. I’m 17 years old
  2. I live in France (so bear with my english pls)
  3. I own male genitalia

I didn’t say I’d say the whole thing, besides, there’s the whole anonymous thing I want to keep. So yeah you were warned.

The main reason I had a lot going through my mind today is because I sept like suit and was tired all day long and wanted to be alone (which I failed at because of all the ones asking me “ARE YOU OKAY” and I was like yeah yeah fuck off). And I don’t know if I’m paranoid or something, but I realized that most of my friends were hypocrites. I always thaught they were nice, and funny and don’t gave a fuck, but apparently, they all talk behind everybody’s back. Long story short, they’re hypocrites blablabla. That just depressed me more. And I hate school and school hates me.

Sometimes you just need to get things out of your system.

Just let it flow.

I did that. I’m doing it right now, and it’s actually not bad.

Sometimes you just need to keep your fucks to your self.


If anyone read that, first of all hi, thanks for reading.

tell me what to write next you fuckers.






Choi Xoo Ang is a sculptor who dabbles in both hyper realism and abstract surrealism. The artist is certainly emerging on the mixed media scene, and has exploded out of Seoul, South Korea with a style of work pioneered by artists like Ron Muek, and is now making a name for himself through the many awards he has already won such as the Artists of Tomorrow 2010 and Sungkok Museum Award from his town of Seoul. Ang’s work distorts the concept of the real to an astonishing degree, but only insofar as to keep his viewers trapped inside of his investigations into human rights, sex and gender roles, and the pathological state of society, never pushing you too far over any of these edges. 

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